Sreenandini Jayaram

Bharathanatyam Teacher

Experience: 15 years
Specialization: Bharthanatyam Instructor

    About Teacher

    Sreenandini Jayaram is a passionate Bharathanatyam instructor who has dedicated herself to the art form. With a deep love for dance and a journey that started at a young age, she has grown into a dedicated performer, choreographer, and teacher.

    Under the guidance of esteemed gurus Mrs. Sheela Unnikrishnan and Mrs. Sreedevi Sriram, Sreenandini commenced her Bharathanatyam training at the tender age of six. Over the years, she honed her skills through rigorous practice, dedication, and a deep passion for the art form. With her gurus’ blessings and mentorship, Sreenandini has graced numerous stages, delivering captivating performances that have enthralled audiences.

    Sreenandini possesses a special ability to connect with and inspire children. Her patience, empathy, and understanding create a nurturing environment where young dancers can flourish. She is adept at tailoring her teaching methods to suit the needs and learning styles of her young students, fostering their love for Bharathanatyam while imparting valuable skills.

    Sreenandini Jayaram is a talented and dedicated Bharathanatyam dancer who has made significant contributions to the art form. From her early training under esteemed gurus to her current roles as a performer, choreographer, and teacher, she has left an indelible mark on Bharathanatyam. Through her commitment to artistic excellence, mentorship, community engagement, and her ability to work effectively with children, Sreenandini continues to inspire and nurture young talents while preserving the rich heritage of Bharathanatyam in the Woodlands area.


    Since 2018, Sreenandini Jayaram has been an active member of the Houston Tamil School of the Woodlands. Within this vibrant community, she has collaborated with both children and adults, showcasing her choreographic prowess. Her artistic vision and attention to detail have led to the creation of mesmerizing dance routines for various events, enriching the cultural fabric of the community.

    In her commitment to passing on the rich traditions of Bharatanatyam and nurturing young talents, Sreenandini has taken on the role of a dedicated teacher in the Woodlands area. Through her dance classes, she imparts her knowledge, technique, and passion to inspire the next generation of Bharatanatyam enthusiasts. Sreenandini’s teaching approach is characterized by patience, encouragement, and a deep understanding of the art form’s nuances.

    Sreenandini embodies a range of personal traits and values that contribute to her success in both her artistic and personal endeavors. These include:

    Perseverance and Commitment: Sreenandini’s journey as a Bharatanatyam dancer is a testament to her perseverance and unwavering commitment to her craft. She consistently strives for excellence and continues to explore new avenues for growth.

    Dance is not merely an art form for Sreenandini; it is a passion that fuels her creativity. Her performances and choreography reflect her boundless energy, artistic expression, and unique interpretation of Bharatanatyam.

    Sreenandini actively engages with her community, fostering a spirit of mentorship and imparting her knowledge to aspiring dancers. Her involvement in cultural events and teaching initiatives showcases her dedication to preserving and promoting Bharatanatyam.


    Bharathanatyam 90%
    Carnatic Vocal 40%
    Bollywood Dance 70%