Elizabeth Sapre


Experience: 30 years
Specialization: Arts Teacher

    About Teacher

    Elizabeth Sapre was born in London, England but now calls the state of Texas home. At an early age, she demonstrated an aptitude and passion for art. Elizabeth has had some art studies in the United Kingdom. Once she relocated to the United States she pursued her passion in the Arts. She bestowed her gift on to others as an Art Instructor in various places. These include Katy Visual and Performing Arts, City Art Works and Katy Independent School District for 6 years. She has enhanced her career with studies in acrylic painting and classical realism. In 2011, she achieved the award of first place in the “His Witness Ministries” art competition. In 2014, Elizabeth accomplished first place in the Northwest Area art league art competition, professional category. In 2015, she won first place in the Tomball art league art competition, professional category and was also selected to be a finalist in the Hunting Art Prize competition. In 2014, she won second place and in 2015, first place in the Lone Star Art Guild Convention, professional class. This guild represents a hundred and twenty art leagues in Texas. Most recently, Elizabeth was among the top fifty out of two hundred and seventy-four selected to receive a certificate of excellence for a picture that was submitted into the worldwide Artavita online art competition. Her artwork has been exhibited in the Pearl Fincher art gallery, (where she recently provided a course of instruction in sculpture), Mossrock art gallery, and Da Vinci art gallery. She has continued to advance her studies in painting and sculpture over the last few years.


    Ely Sixth Form College, Cambridgeshire, UK, Ordinary and Advanced levels in Art
    Lonestar Community College, Tomball TX – Art Classes
    Houston College of Art and Design , Houston TX – Art Classes
    Lassaulx Studio Art Studio, Houston TX – Art Classes


    Art Instructor, Woodlands Academy of Art
    Water Color Instructor, Community Education Department of Katy Independent School District

    Selected Group Exhibition
    “Scenes from Tuscany”, Pearl Fincher Art Gallery, Spring TX
    “Interpertation Through Artistic Eyes”, Mossrock Art Gallery, The Woodlands, TX

    2015, Lonestar Art Guild Convention Contest, Oil Painting, 1st Place.
    2015, Hunting Art Prize Art Competition, Oil Painting, 1st Place.
    2015, Tomball Art League Spring Contest, Oil Painting, 1st Place.
    2014, Tomball Art League Spring Contest, Oil Painting, 1st Place.
    2011, “His Witness Art Ministry”, Mixed Media, 1st Place.

    Elizabeth firmly believes that every child is an artist, seeking the medium that resonates with their unique talents and interests. She understands the importance of creating a nurturing and inclusive environment where children feel comfortable taking risks and exploring their creativity. Elizabeth strives to instill a sense of joy and excitement in her students, fostering a lifelong love for art and self-expression.

    Building Confidence and Proficiency:
    Elizabeth is dedicated to helping children develop confidence in their artistic abilities. She understands that building proficiency takes time and practice, and she encourages her students to embrace the learning process. Through step-by-step instructions, demonstrations, and hands-on activities, Elizabeth helps children acquire new skills and develop their artistic techniques.

    Promoting Creativity and Imagination:
    Elizabeth believes in the power of creativity and imagination in fostering holistic development. She encourages her students to think outside the box, explore their ideas freely, and embrace their unique artistic voices. Elizabeth provides opportunities for open-ended projects and encourages problem-solving and critical thinking skills through artistic endeavors.

    Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment:
    Elizabeth values diversity and inclusivity in her classroom. She celebrates and respects each child’s individuality, cultural background, and artistic preferences. Elizabeth fosters an environment where all children feel valued, supported, and included, allowing them to express themselves authentically through art.


    Painting (Canvas, Oil, Spray etc.,)
    Drawing (Pencil Sketching, Cartoon Drawing, Grid Drawing etc.,)
    Mixed Media