Senthil Velan Yuvaraj

Chess Teacher

Experience: 15 years
Specialization: Chess Master

    About Teacher

    Senthil Velan Yuvaraj is an experienced chess player and has a passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge of the game. With a remarkable journey that began at the age of 7, Senthil has emerged as a well-rounded chess player. Having started his chess journey at a young age, Senthil quickly developed a deep fascination for the game. He honed his skills through rigorous training and participation in numerous tournaments throughout his formative years.


    Senthil firmly believes in the power of a level head and strategic thinking in any situation. He imparts this essential life lesson to his students, emphasizing the importance of maintaining composure and making well-thought-out decisions. Senthil encourages his students to develop their critical thinking skills and embrace a long-term strategic mindset. His experience in the field of education enables him to employ effective teaching methodologies, ensuring his students receive comprehensive and engaging instruction.

    Senthil caters to students of varying skill levels, offering lessons in beginner 101 and intermediate chess. He tailors his coaching sessions to suit the individual needs and goals of each student, fostering a supportive and growth-oriented learning environment. Senthil’s comprehensive curriculum covers a wide range of topics including basic piece movements, opening theory, middlegame strategies, endgame techniques, and tactical awareness.

    Senthil is known for his cool, composed, and patient demeanor as a coach. He understands that every student learns at their own pace and ensures that each individual receives personalized attention and guidance. With a combination of theoretical lessons, practical exercises, and analysis of famous chess games, Senthil equips his students with the necessary tools to succeed on and off the chessboard. His goal is to kindle your kid’s interest in the game of chess and help develop basic skill sets to succeed at higher levels.

    Senthil is an active participant on, where he maintains a rating of 1500. He believes in continually challenging himself and strives for personal growth as both a player and a coach. His vast experience as a player, combined with his passion for education, ensures that his students receive top-notch guidance and support in their chess journey. Senthil is dedicated to helping you unlock your kid’s full potential and achieve success in the fascinating world of chess.


    Chess 90%
    Cricket 90%
    Management 90%