Sandhiya Loganathan

Director - Sports, Coach - Table Tennis

Experience: 9 years
Specialization: Table Tennis Coach


    About Coach

    Sandhiya Loganathan, a passionate Table Tennis Coach, brings her extensive experience as a professional player to the forefront of her coaching. With a remarkable seven-year career as a professional table tennis player, Sandhiya honed her skills at the prestigious SDAT-AKG Table Tennis Development Centre in Chennai, under the guidance of esteemed coaches A. Srinivasa Rao and A. Muralidahar Rao. Throughout her journey, she achieved remarkable success in various state and national level school and women’s games, earning numerous accolades and recognition in India.


    Sandhiya is highly regarded for her patient, kind, and effective teaching style. Her exceptional ability lies in developing the skills of her students, and she remains dedicated to their growth and improvement. With her expertise and unwavering passion for table tennis, Sandhiya is committed to helping her players reach their full potential and achieve success in the sport.


    In her coaching approach, Sandhiya adopts a focused and responsive methodology. She deeply understands the unique needs and abilities of each player, tailoring her training methods accordingly. Her ultimate goal is to create a positive and supportive environment that nurtures growth, fosters a love for the sport, and empowers players to unlock their full potential.


    Being a former professional athlete herself, Sandhiya possesses invaluable firsthand knowledge of team dynamics and understands the vital role of teamwork in achieving success. She effectively instills in her players the values of collaboration, communication, and mutual support, essential traits for achieving collective goals.


    Sandhiya Loganathan’s dedication extends beyond table tennis skills. She recognizes the importance of instilling essential life skills in her players, such as discipline, resilience, and self-reliance, which transcend the boundaries of the game itself. Through her exceptional skills, program management expertise, and unwavering commitment to player development, Sandhiya is devoted to nurturing the next generation of table tennis champions and helping them thrive both on and off the table.

    With her extensive experience and entrepreneurial spirit, Sandhiya brings more than a decade of expertise in managing entities and strives to elevate the academy and its students to new heights. Equipped with an MBA degree in Marketing, Sandhiya possesses a strong foundation in business management and strategic marketing, ensuring that Spotlight Academy provides a well-rounded and successful learning experience.


    Under Sandhiya’s guidance, our academy is committed to nurturing talents, inspiring creativity, and fostering a love for performing arts and sports. With her exceptional management skills, she will ensure that our academy operates seamlessly, enabling us to deliver the highest quality education to our students.


    Coaching 90%
    Fitness 80%
    Emotional Intelligence 85%
    Manager 95%