Ramadevi Balagopal

Program Director - Mathematics

Experience: 34 years
Specialization: Mathematics

    About Teacher

    Ramadevi is a 30-year experienced math teacher and seasoned professional who has dedicated her career to teaching mathematics. With three decades of teaching experience, she has honed her skills and acquired extensive knowledge in the field. She holds a wealth of experience and knowledge gained through their long-standing commitment to teaching mathematics.


    Having taught mathematics for such a substantial period, she possesses a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, theories, and their practical applications. She has a comprehensive knowledge of various mathematical domains, including algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics, and more. Her mastery of the subject allows her to effectively explain complex concepts and make connections across different mathematical topics.


    Over the years, she has developed a wide range of teaching strategies and techniques that cater to the diverse learning needs and styles for the students. With her 30 years of experience has developed excellent classroom management skills. 


    Her experience and expertise enable her to inspire students, instill a love for mathematics, and help them achieve academic success. She has witnessed the growth and development of countless students, both academically and personally, as they have progressed through their math education.


    A 30-year math teacher in India brings extensive experience, knowledge, and a profound understanding of the mathematics curriculum and teaching methodologies. Her ability to adapt, mentor, and positively impact students makes them invaluable contributors to the field of mathematics education.


    Maths teacher for 30+ years in a school in India

    B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce)

    M.Com (Master of Commerce)

    B.Ed (Bachelor of Education)

    M.Phil (Master of Philosophy)


    Management 90%
    Teacher 95%
    Carnatic Vocal 30%