Nehal Sanant

Maths Teacher

Experience: 18 years
Specialization: Math Teacher

    About Teacher

    Nehal Sanant is an educator at heart and an entrepreneur by mind. She has tutored hundreds of
    students in subjects across the spectrum – Math being ‘The Chosen One’. Such is her love for Math that
    she could teach numbers in the middle of the night! Every time she sees that Aha! look on kids’ faces
    when they become capable of breaking down complex concepts into simpler ones, she knows that they
    are one step closer to falling in love with Math.
    In her teaching career, she has gathered domain knowledge of Algebra, Geometry, Statistics and
    Trigonometry among others. She is adept at building customized lesson plans, developing curriculum
    and student-centered teaching. She is wired to think like a math teacher both within the confines of a
    classroom setting as well as outside. This wiring brings with it the urge to teach students to build a
    problem-solving attitude in life too.
    She has covered the entire gamut – ranging from individual lessons to small and large groups. She has
    coordinated with parents to keep them apprised of their children’s progress, held review meets to
    optimize the curriculum to ensure that students possess a foundational understanding of prerequisite
    topics and tailored lesson plans to meet the needs of individual students who need that additional bit of


    Nehal has made making difference in people’s lives the purpose of her life. Her passion, dedication and nurturing instinct makes her want to help her students thrive not just academically but also personally.
    She believes in building long-lasting relationships with her students and their parents.

    Nehal has tutored over 1100 students across Indian, American and Cambridge (United Kingdom) curriculum. She embarked on her teaching peregrination in Mumbai, India. The initial 1:1 and small group settings were quickly usurped by classroom sessions conducted at Coaching Centers of Navigator Tutorials – a
    professional institute of repute in the Mumbai area.
    She relocated to Dubai, UAE in 2010 where she imparted math instruction to classes of 20+ high school students at the renowned Mahesh Tutorials (MT Educare Ltd.) an entity with multinational presence.
    Her pedagogical flywheel which started in a 1-on-1 setting in Mumbai had now attained its full potential in the form of her very own tutoring set-up. This educational establishment – her heart and soul – saw more than 400 students walk through its doors over the 6+ years it was in operation – all leaving smarter, sharper, and wiser. She closed this enterprise in 2017, to start a family right here in The Woodlands, TX.
    The Woodlands location of Mathnasium marked her foray into the US math tutoring scene. Her 6-month stint was followed by a 5-year hiatus from teaching to take up the most important assignment of her life – that of motherhood. Bringing up 2 wonderful children to the best of her ability took precedence over
    all else. In the blink of an eye, she finds them not needing as much of her attention as they once did – freeing up her bandwidth to tread new territory once again – this time in the form of a Math Teacher at Spotlight Academy.

    Experience: 18+ years (over a span of 23 years)
    Education: Bachelor of Science (Computer Science)
    Master of Business Administration (Finance) – University of Mumbai (3 rd Rank)

    Accredited 3 rd Rank by the University of Mumbai for specialization in Finance (MBA).
    Certified by University of Mumbai for valuable contribution to the society (National Service Scheme).
    Ran a successful catering business to scratch my entrepreneurial itch.


    Math 90%
    Planning & Analysis 90%
    Strategic Thinking 90%